Lions Club Of London - Hendon LondonendonAliquam pulvinar

Region 3 – District 105a – Zone E

Registered Charity No 1012829 (England & Wales)

Over the last year we have taken part in:

Over the last year our club has made a number of donations to various charities including the following:

International activities :

Our club donated US $2,000 to Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and awarded two members a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellowship

We can also be proud of our Leo Club :

Over the last three years they have raised over £10,500 for the CAREducation Trust charity!

They were voted the best Leo Club in the British Isles for 2008/2009 and were awarded the Royale Cup by the Multiple District.

Two Leo members took part in the Lord Mayor’s Procession in London last November. The Leos also assisted at the District Youth Celebrations on Sunday 15th November 2009, where they sponsored a table of 10 children from the group, Kids Can Achieve.

One Leo member took part in the London Marathon and raised £3500 for Cancer Research!

Leo Club took part in the St Luke’s Hospice Midnight Charity Walk.

We are very proud of our Leo club but just as importantly we are very proud of our own Lion Minesh who has provided them with guidance and support, which has no doubt contributed to the successes that they have achieved.

What a year of achievements its been!