Lions Club Of London - Hendon LondonendonAliquam pulvinar

Region 3 – District 105a – Zone E

Registered Charity No 1012829 (England & Wales)

Lions Club of London - Hendon was chartered on the 26th March 1990.

Twenty years later we still have 6 active charter members and one associate charter member. Today the Club has a total of 19 members and 1 associate member.

Over the period of 20 years of its existence, the Club has undertaken various fund raising activities, various service activities and been involved in projects and fund raising activities with fellow Lions Clubs as well as being part of the LCIF fund raising activities.

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The more notable fund raising activities undertaken by the Club over the past 20 years include :

Dance Shows, Gujarati Plays, Slimathon, Barn dance, Tin and Bucket collections, Dinner & Dance, Singathon, Prayers and Bhajans & Christmas gift wrapping at the Harlequin Shopping Centre in Watford.

Some of the Service Activities we have been involved in include :

Some of the funds that we have raised over the years have been used to help communities as follows:

We have raised funds for and been involved in other projects such as:

In March 2006, our club sponsored the formation of the Lions Club of Milton Keynes Central with 20 new members. Since inception, the club has raised funds for Cancer Research through cycle rides and walks, and themed dinner and dance events every year called "Bombay Dreams" for sight related charities.
In August 2006, our club sponsored the formation of the Leo Club of London-Hendon with 26 young members aged 14 to 17. Since inception, the Leo Club has raised over £12,500 for CAREducation Trust, a charity working towards the education of poor children in India. The funds have been allocated towards the building of a school in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains in Manali, India. In March 2009, the club was awarded the Royale Cup for being the Best Leo Club in the British Isles. To date, 3 Leo's (Leo Risha Sangavi , Leo Ashish Mandavia & Leo Tasvi Shah) have been awarded the Leo of the Year trophy by the District Governor. You can read more about the Leo Club here

We even have our own in-house band called "aKS2P" , which was formed in 1997 by Lions Shanker Modha, Parag Bhargava and Kumar Pandya. Lion Shanker, Lion Parag and Lady Shobhana Modha  are still active in the singers club. They have sung on numerous occasions for other Lions clubs, fellow Lions & friends and have raised thousands of pounds and have also volunteered their services to those members and families who have requested their support in times of need.