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Region 3 – District 105a – Zone E

Registered Charity No 1012829 (England & Wales)

Leo Club of London - Hendon was formed in August 2006 with 26 young members aged between 14 and 17. Below is a summary of the last few Lionistic Years ...

Summary of Activities during 2012-2013 (To Date ..)

The 2012-2013 and current Club Officers are as follows :

President :  Leo Ashil Shah      Secretary :  Leo Mala Mawkin     Treasurer :  Leo Meghna Vaghani


18 LEOS members took to London on Sunday 21st October and completed a 5km walk over 5 London Bridges.

They hope to raise lots in sponsorship for this event. Charity yet to be decided


On Sunday 9th September, the Leo Club held it's annual 5-A-Side Football Goals Tournament from 3pm to 6pm at Goals Ruislip. 13 teams took part with each team contributing £60 to enter the tournament


After deducting the cost of the venue and refreshments, the club made a surplus of £530 for their charity account, part of which will be donated to CAREducation Trust in aid of a school in the foothills of the Himalaya's in Manali, India


Many thanks to the parents, siblings, friends and the Leo's themselves for providing great support on the day. A special thank you to Leo Akash Gandhi who co-ordinated the whole event magnificiently



Summary of Activities during 2011-2012

The 2011-2012 Club Officers are as follows :

President :        Leo Tasvi Shah                                  Vice President :      Leo Ashil Shah

        Treasurer :        Leo Akash Gandhi                                     Secretary :      Leo Suraj Sangani

The Leo's of London-Hendon had a very successful fund-raiser on Friday 17th February 2012 at the Premier Banqueting in Harrow Weald in aid of CAREducation Trust with fronted by DJ Tony Patti of Sunrise Radio.


A total of 379 tickets were sold and a grand sum of £5,395 was raised from tickets, raffles, auctions, adverts in brochure, sponsorships, photo rebates and donations. 35 Leo's were present on the night and they all did a great job. The event was mainly supported by parents of Leo's, teachers, friends and family


A big thank you to Lion Parag and Suman Marriage Bureau for their generous contribution towards the advert placed in the brochure. Hendon members Lions Naresh, Ashwin, Jayesh and Bharat M also attended the event. Lion Shanker & Pragna Modha also gave support to the event with their generous donation.



Summary of Activities during 2010-2011

Leo Club of London-Hendon is an active club with 43 members, of whom 10 were inducted in May 2011.

This year so far, it raised a grand total of £4,820 for CAREducation Trust & other worthy causes besides taking an active part in community services:-

 District 105A Youth Celebrations

 Senior Citizen's Celebrations and

 Distributing sleeping bags to the homeless in London.

 Assisting the parent Lions club with bucket collections at shopping centre in Hendon

 Assisting in bucket collection in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in January 2011 in partnership with Argos & Homebase stores

The club raised £2,019 (excluding Gift Aid) through our 3 main fundraisers (Lockdown- £1,050, Goals Football Tournament- £372, Quiz Night- £597.50).

Several of our members also raised fantastic sums through their schools, by holding their own fundraisers or by acquiring donations: thanks to the efforts of Leo Tasvi Shah (£2,375), Leo Rani Shah (£150), Leo Sona Shah (£650) and Leo Ameer Kotecha (£101) we as a club raised £4,820 (excluding Gift Aid) for CAREducation this year.  This really is an awesome figure and a testament to the effort we've all put in over the year.

Congratulations to Leo Risha Sanghavi for being nominated District Leo Cabinet Vice-President and District Leo Cabinet Secretary.

Leo Tasvi Shah was awarded the “Leo of the Year – Alpha” at the annual District 105A Convention on 5th March 2011. The Leo Club of London-Hendon was awarded the “Leo Club of the Year – Alpha” at the same time. (Alpha = Leo’s under 18 years).

The club will celebrate 5 years this year and is hoping for a big amount to be raised in its 2 forthcoming events in April 2011, one event being organised exclusively for the parents of Leo’s and other adults.

The club has been lead by a very inspiring President Leo Linden Gregory and the whole team has ensured that a steady membership growth policy is incorporated to keep the club growing from strength to strength and not lose its momentum…….43 members and still growing!!!