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ray ban store NBA Finals Game 2, the defending champion San Antonio Spurs beat the Heat to 98-96, and the total score of both equalized. The campaign Heat starting point guard Mario - Chalmers state is still no obvious improvement, played 31 minutes, 4 voted 2 to get 5 points and 4 assists, but also elbowing Tony - Parker eat foul ray ban factory store.

ray ban sunglasses store According to data provided by ESPN: six games before the playoffs this year, a small check performance is pretty good, averaging 9.8 points, shooting percentage and three-point shooting 47.8% and 43.8%, respectively, and when his presence when the margin of victory of 36 points, the Heat; But in the next 10 games (until the Finals Race 1), he averaged down to 5 points, shooting percentage and three-point shooting only 40.4 percent respectively and 38.1%. When he was on the floor, the Heat net negative opponents to 11 points. These 10 games, a small investigation failed to reach double-digit scoring, and the cumulative number of turnovers (20) while shooting even more than the number (19). It is worth mentioning that this year's first six playoff games, the Heat win all; but after 10 games, they are 6-4 ray ban online store.

ray ban glasses store Finals first game, Chalmers played only 17 minutes, 3 1 vote only get three points, but there have been five fouls, plus five turnovers. In the end, the Heat lost to 95-110. The game, although small compared to check the performance of the first field has been significantly improved (data from after the game: When he was on the court, the Heat win by the Spurs 5 points), but his contribution on the offensive end is still very limited. Overall only 5 points. In addition, he also appeared in court without a very cool scene, the fourth quarter to 6 minutes and 43 seconds left, Chalmers elbowing Spurs point guard Tony along the bottom line break - Parker, eat a result of a level flagrant foul, but Miami was still behind the Spurs two points. Fortunately, the Spurs After four consecutive penalty is not in, or the foul is likely to become a major turning point in the game. And after the game, a small investigation also faces the risk of additional suspension ray ban store.

ray ban sunglasses store In fact, when it comes to both sides of the first game, the Heat was leading 7 points when the investigation is also not cool little foolhardy cause an offensive foul, or promising to extend the advantages of the Heat to 10 points or even more. This season, little investigation has been the behavior of brain damage appears more than once in a great team or just want to reverse the situation, he would commit no brain mistakes and ruin the team. As the team's starting point guard, a small check in after the game needs a good reflection ray ban store.

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